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Spring 2018 Schedule
The April schedule is now on line.

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I am in process of seeking a new studio. If you know of a space available to rent, please write me.

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Sanskrit Revealed
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Adho Mukha Svanasana
Downward Facing Dog
Adho - Down
Mukha - Facing
Svana - Dog

Asana - Posture

Urdvha Mukha Svanasana
Upward Facing Dog

Urdvha - Upward
Mukha - Facing
Svana - Dog
Asana - Posture

The list of Postures defined 

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About Village Yoga


Village Yoga offers an alignment based practice in group as well as private sessions. This is an approach known for using props - chairs, blocks, straps and more - to place the body in correct alignment. It is both a dynamic and focused practice that will bring you closer to knowing your body and bring you increased strength, flexibility and stamina in both body and mind.

There is nothing like being in community as a platform for turning in and tuning to your breath, body, mind and soul. Come and experience your full capacity flowing through the sequenced postures and partnered experiences to develop your practice in a convivial community!

Class cards are available for a consistent practice for maximum benefit. Simply arrive 15 minutes before a class that is appropriate for you and leave the rest to me.



About your teacher

David Gallant
is the owner of Village Yoga, and has a profound knowledge of body mechanics which he has shared nationally and internationally. Initially drawn to yoga to supplement his dance career in 1994, David was astonished to what extent precise and focused attention, coupled with hard work, could result in. After a serious back injury, David gradually shifted his attention away from dance towards the healing effects of yoga. He studied Flow Yoga with Kate Potter in Vancouver and, after moving to Montreal, continued his studies with Hart Lazer in 2007. His latest accomplishment is having completed his training in Yoga Therapeutics.
His next conquest – writing a book. A professional contemporary dancer as well as a dynamic and knowledgeable yoga teacher, David’s knowledge and experience come together to provide a dynamic practice that will have you discovering the deeper layers of your body.